Thursday, April 19, 2007

Prayer For The Victims And Families of Virginia Massacre

Heavenly Father, the Giver of life, You in your Divine Love has shared with us the beauty of creation and have open us the door to participate in the nourishment of our natural life. May we constantly appreciate and value life as the fundamental gift and responsibility. May we work to enhance and defend the formidable basic human right, to live and to have a life.

God of life, today we pray to You, for our beloved loved ones who died in the Virgina Massacre. Though, it is painful to see them go, we lift them up to You because we affirm that You are the one who gave them the
opportunity to experience being alive and you are also the one who could take it back.

Father of Jesus Christ, and our Father, you who sent Your only begotten Son, so that we may have a life fully alive and a life ever after. May we follow the footstep of Christ who has merciful heart so that we may learn how to forgive those who have hurt us. May we forgive Cho Seung-Hui, the gunman who have killed our beloved __________ . It is hard to forgive Lord God, but we pray to learn it to start the healing process. Your Son also forgives those who crucified and killed him. May we be like Him, the Divine Mercy. In forgiving Cho, we also become merciful like your Son and at the same time we do justice and mercy to ourselves.

God of the Breath of Life, you sent the Holy Spirit to renew the face of the earth. Give us light and strength to surpassed this dark moment of our lives. Give us light, wisdom to understand even if it might be beyond the realm of reason of the tragic event that ocured in the University. give us strength to be resilient so that we may not lose hope in You and in our society. May the Soul of our beloved ___________ be in communion with You in the eternal place along with the Blessed Virgin Mary, the apostles and the saints. Amen.


Practically, one of the reason why I started this blog is to help people to pray, and this include in the time of grief. I have contemplated for a long time whether I will pursue the idea of writing additional blog because I am managing several blogs already. Maybe I was just afraid that I might not been able to handle it properly because there is a lot of work in the parish. however, on my reflection i came into conclusion that this is part of my work, to pray and to lead others into pray-ers.

Rev. Fr. Jessie Somosierra, Jr.
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